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There are many strategies that can give you good results. But the strategy I am going to teach you today is the Stochastic RSI strategy that works like a magic. You call this strategy a Binomo hack or Binomo cheats that can gave me great results and

Why Stochastic and RSI

Stochastic and RSI is one of the professional indicators used by traders to identify upcoming trends & reversals. In both the indicators, you can find the upcoming trends and reversals via overbought and oversold levels. In most scenarios, these two indicators work equally the same on the price chart. You can attain even better results if you combine them with support and resistance as I am going to in this article.

How to configure the indicator combination on Binomo

Your first job is to log in to your Binomo account. In case you don’t have one click here. or you can sign up via the form given below.


Once you have logged in. click on the indicator button and search for Stochastic and RSI in the menu.

If you want to change the colour or the timer of the indicator click on the settings button.

Binomo Hack: How to trade with the combination of RSI & Stochastic Indicator

When the Stochastic and RSI line is near or below line 20 or oversold zone it signals a bullish trend plus when the price is near the support level it is a signal of a strong bullish trend and here we can place a buy trade.

Similarly, when the Stochastic and RSI line is above or near 80 line or overbought zone it signals a bearish trend plus when the price is near the resistance level it signals a strong bearish trend and we can place a sell trade here.

Final Words

So, trading with the RSI Stochastic strategy is so easy. You just need to understand the basics of these indicators and the use of Support and resistance for trend confirmation.

The best place to practice this strategy is in the Binomo demo account. where you get virtual $10, 000 currency and you can trade as much as you can and once you are confident enough you can shift to Binomo real account and start trading with real money and make some real bucks. Share your thoughts below in the comment section and keep spreading love and share this article with your buddies. Till then thank you 🙂





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